Thermocouple Factory

Factory Policy


Our factory is assembling mainly thermocouples. Main thermocouples and products are as follows.

JIS Standard thermocouple (R, K)
Old JIS Standard thermocouple (P)
Tungsten thermocouple (W/Re)
Profile thermocouple
Internal thermocouple
Spike thermocouple
Sheathed thermocouple (Repair, caliblation only)
Various parts such as Compensation lead wire, Protective tube, Insulating tube, Connector, etc.

Work Process

Perform work through 6 processes, 【Receipt】【Disassembly】

Work Process

  • Perform receiving inspection of the repair request product and the purchased product.
    Confirm the component parts and the presence or absence of damage and make drawing.
  • Receipt
  • (Repair requet only)
    Disassemble the repair request product and confirm the condition of parts composing thermocouple.
  • Disassemby
  • Perform heat test of thermocouple wire and evaluate.
    Perform 【Comparison Calibration Test】【Fixed Point Calibration Test】upon the contents of request.
    (Standard : JIS C1602-1995)
  • Calibration
  • Use the component parts which passes the evaluation test in the assembly and calibration process and assemble product.(Cleanroom booth work)
  •  Assembly
  • Inspect appearance and dimension, etc. of assembled product on ESD safe table.
    (Cleanroom booth work)
  •  Inspection
  • Pack thermocouple product. (Aluminum case available)
  • Shipment   Delivery to customer