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CR100A-05-01-BS PEEK

  • CR100A-05-01-BS
  • CR100A-05-01-BS


Capacity 25
Dimension 125mm×143mm×111mm
D1 dimension 13.97mm
Pocket pitch 4.76mm
Pocket flat 1.52mm
  • H-shaped end for equipment interface.
  • Solid end wall.
  • Wash slots in sidewalls to improve cleaning, draining and drying effect.
  • Excellent heat resistance and rigidity.
     Ideal for use in high temperature applications such as wafer baking, diffusion and CVD.

SC-01-01-PI PI

  • SC-01-01-PI


Total length 25mm
Thread length 18.4mm
Thread size M5
Thread pitch 0.8mm
Maximum outer diameter Φ8mm
  • Product molded of thermoplastic Polyimide, superior in heat-resistance
     and plasma-resistance.
  • Custom-made thread size, length, pitch and driver shape available.
  • Material suitable for frictional parts used in high temperature such as
     bearing parts and thrust washer other than screw.